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Time a Love Letters Museum

Interactive Museums are the second greatest inventions after microwaves. Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but have you BEEN to a great interactive museum?! Love Letters Museum is in Downtown SLC for a month and a half longer. The museum really explores all the fun ways to experience and share literature and the written word as well as showing incredible love for reading and books. Lewis and I had a blast walking around and doing everything.

One of my favorite aspects of it was the scale of things. Giant book spines, tiny art gallery, huge block letters and amazing postcards bigger than myself. Moving words around, like actually having to push and search and stack words everywhere was incredibly motivating. I find myself sitting at my computer, looking at drafts I need to edit or plots I need to plan out and I feel overwhelmed and drained and contained in a small space. But it put things into perspective to see things so large and fun. Words and writing don’t always have to be elegant and meaningful and edited over and over and over. They can be fun and silly and creative too!

Something about the museum really sparked something in me I’ve thought about a lot. I love when I attend zine events and I’ve been thinking about how fun it would be to run a distro for zines and local authors. But that’s a lot of work, for sure, especially with such a busy schedule that makes it hard to attend every event. But I can’t help the overwhelming desire to help others market, to sell things that are art driven, and to make a cool name for myself in the art world and local communities like that.

On the topic of things that have been on my mind lately, and the topic of changing my future, I’ve been cleaning out my book shelves to donate to teachers and local places that are looking for books for other readers. I have SO MANY books sitting on my shelves that I’ll probably never actually get around to reading. But if someone else can enjoy it? That's a wonderful reason to give it away then.

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