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YA Contemporary (2014)

ISBN 978-1-312-06963-3

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Seventeen-year-old Ashton has no interest in doing anything with his life besides creating art. So when a new student, Kaelee, starts skipping class in the same hall, he does everything in his power to not become friends with the girl who might have more problems than he does. Although, the more they talk and are around each other, the more he realizes that there might be more to life than drawing and not eating. Will they both be able to help one another overcome their depression and destructive habits or drag each other down?

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YA Contemporary (2014)

ISBN 978-1-312-43728-9

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Quin, drummer of rock quartet Smudge, has known nothing but music in her life. She’s excited to go on her first tour as an opening act for Octopus Pie and see life as her parents saw it for so many years. She never considered when she heard all of the amazing stories from them that her first encounter of tour life would include a long distance relationship that’s falling apart, an alcoholic band leader, and a pair of leather pants that she thinks would be better off destroyed. Shirk has waited a long time to be able to tour with his best friend and band, Flip Spit. Music is the only thing that’s gotten him through the last handful of years and he’s determined to try and make this the best tour ever. When he realizes that he doesn’t exactly want to make the same music as his band anymore, he’s tossed into a loop of arguments. Quin is his best distraction and he makes it his number one priority to meet her every morning to make music worth fighting for.



YA Contemporary (Stereo Book 1) (2015)

ISBN 978-1-312-84583-1

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Lonica Wilkes and her best friend, Wren Magpie, think there’s no better way to start off the summer than by getting Lonica over her stupid crush on Steven Lero. For years she’s been trapped under his spell (unbeknownst to him) and she’s finally saying NO by dating other people who are obviously much cooler than he will ever be. But what happens when he figures out she’s always had this thing for him? Will she continue to stand her ground or will she end up falling more in love with the boy who always lets her down?

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Contemporary Fiction (2016)

ISBN 978-1-329-61013-2

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Dee’s just met Malcolm, lead singer of the biggest rock group of their decade, by breaking his nose in a bar. Surprisingly, he lets her set it back in her van for the chance to get to know her. Thinking they’ll never see each other again after that incident, the two are shocked when they keep running into each other in different cities all over the country. With music and the scary variable of chance on their side, they dare to fall in love with each other. Will their cities line up? Can they make it work? Or will fate make it entirely impossible for them?

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YA Contemporary (Stereo Book 2)

Records will be the sequel to Stereo.

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