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Jayna thought her adult life would consist of getting married right after high school, having literally thirteen children, and living in a really big house far away from Utah. Thank God that’s not what happened. Jayna lives with her partner (and zero children) in a cozy home in Northern Utah. She’s published four contemporary YA novels in her twenties and is currently working on a sequel to one of them. 

While writing has been a driving force for her, Jayna also is very passionate about art, creativity, and DIY culture. She has produced several zines with topics on writing, mythical creatures, and per-zines about positive body images and self love. She tables at many events in the SLC area as Jaybjay Books and Zines. She loves to try endless forms of art; screen printing, button making, clay figures and beads, acrylic paintings, fanart, and whatever piques her interest next! She’s currently taking art classes and learning more about illustration and landscape painting. Jayna loves to give her art to her friends and she sells it on her Etsy shop. 

Of all things, Jayna believes fiercely in love. She attends Pride every year with her other queer friends. She makes sure she tells her friends she loves them at least a billion times. Whenever she’s at a store or tabeling event, you can catch her saying “Oh, I love that!” and “This one is my favorite!” at almost anything and everything--especially if it involves glitter. Love is her driving force in herself. Encouraging others to love themselves and who they are, showing confidence to make it contagious and outrageous, and preaching body positivity are pieces of almost every conversation she has with her friends. She loves sharing her passions with others--as an example--she dedicates a day every year to invite as many as possible to her Harry Potter party where she tries to out-do herself every year so everyone can have as much fun as she does. 

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